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Exploring the value of daydreaming

2021 - ongoing

My curiosity in dwam/daydream/mind-wandering began when one day I came across my primary school report cards. Every report card criticised my tendency to daydream. I recall a particular incident when I was gazing out of the window in a dwam, the teacher rapped me hard on my head in annoyance - a painful reminder that my dreaming was not acceptable! 

I still daydream a lot and it's often in a dwam that a new idea will come to me, or some complex thing will become clearer. I began to realise the value it has for my art practice, and I wondered if others experience this too. 

In 2022 I designed and ran a workshop titled "Cultivating a Dawm' for a group of creatives at the University of the Highlands and Islands. This was an invitation to join me in exploring the value and potential of a dwam (daydream) through a variety of conversation, media, and methods. It was designed to be a gentle, exploratory workshop providing space for personal practice, alongside discussion and sharing.

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