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Walking Practice

Walking with awareness

I had never thought of my walks as practice until I began to explore them as a method of reflective practice. Walking for me allows a raising of my awareness - inner and outer and an engagement with self and other. As I walk, I reflect upon events, emotions, behaviours. In an article on Interartive (2018) it is suggested "the mind is also a landscape of sorts and that walking is one way to traverse it". It is true for me that walking can loosen my thoughts and through the movement of my body and the changing of surroundings I can find I return home with fresh perspectives. This is interspersed with moments of curiosity and awe/wonder as I pay attention to details of pattern, shape, colour, and texture in my surroundings. It is a practicing of paying attention to my instincts - what do I need on this walk, what draws my attention, what part of me wants to pause and pay deeper attention, what part of me wants to press on and complete the walk. The photos below are just some of what has drawn my attention on these walks, a few of the many moments I paused and experienced delight and curiosity.

Project Gallery

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