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Torgarve deep mapping

Ongoing deep mapping, gathering of materials

I've been taken by the idea of deep mapping in relation to the Torgarve area. I've gathered material together that I've felt has been important and I have yet to take the opportunity to bring it all together.

· census records

· fossils in limestone rocks

· rediscovery of old well for the area

· new plant growth emerging from the clear-fell area

· rubbings from tree stumps and old stone walls

· time spent sitting listening to the sounds in the area

· recordings of conversation about the Torgarve area (completed as part of Practice and Research module so I’m unable to share here for assessment)

The video below is of my walk around the boundary of the Torgarve area. It is marked by crumbling drystone walls and more recent deer-proof fencing has not truly followed the old walls. For me this walk felt important to complete, as I walked, I contemplated boundaries within my practice - those that support me and those that hinder me. It was a tricky walk, in places, the ground was rough, and the foliage was overgrown. As I walked, I contemplated the lives of the people who had lived there and who had built the walls and houses and what had become of them. I also thought about the future and what the area might look like with the new trees grown up and how it may be used by the community. The video plays at double speed, however the run time is still nearly 20 minutes so you may want to skip though it.

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