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The Grey Area

A collaborative conversation exploring ideas of what I describe as 'grey area' - ambiguity and liminality

This project began in March 2022 and consists of film and voice message exchange. I collaborated with artist and writer Fi Bailey ( Boundaries were placed on the medium in order to make it accessible. Messages were exchanged over WhatsApp; videos were limited to 1 minute and voice messages to 5 minutes. By the time of this portfolio submission, I had hoped to edit the videos and audio to create a short film however with the complexity of using Premiere Pro alongside other problems I haven’t been able to progress it to a point of sharing. Shared here are some of the original 1-minute videos paired with segments of audio which I hope will give a sense of the explorations. In another a supporting materials folder I will share the original videos and audio from my side of the conversation as it hasn’t been possible to edit out personal information from Fi's messages at this point. I've learned a lot from this ongoing project, especially around problems that arise as material is gathered in bulk without being sorted and labelled on a regular basis. I have encountered many technical issues through gaps in knowledge about file type and format and of course Premiere pro is a highly sophisticated programme that can take a long time to understand, and I hadn’t factored that in. I'm looking forward to learning more about its functionality in the next year.

Project Gallery

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