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A range of tools created to explore ways of seeing

I've been making tools to help me think about different ways of seeing. I began making them as a process of thinking, following my instincts and inviting playfulness as an antidote to feeling bogged down in reading and screen time. Tim Ingold (2013) writes about 'thinking through making' which i understand to be really in relation to a practice of inquiry into the nature of the world. I really started making these objects as a way of thinking through how i see things, this was alongside preparing to write my Reflective and Ethical Framework and they were useful in considering the qualities of the values that each of them was assigned. In the end I chose to take that assignment in a different direction, allowing these 'lenses to take hold their own life. below you can see pages from my workbook that illustrate my thinking around each of the main 3 pieces I made. The lenses also made their way into some of the filming for 'The Grey Area' conversations i was having, distorting the view through my camera lens.

Project Gallery

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